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Locker Room Logic

Coach Dan Bauer

Dan Bauer is currently the girls hockey coach for the Wisconsin Valley Union team.

You can contact him at and read more of his work at 

The Latest From Dan Bauer

If You Build It

03/18/2021, 5:15am CDT
By Dan Bauer

The CFM Sabers Journey to a State Championship


  • We Made It!

  • 02/24/2021, 9:30am CST , By Dan Bauer, Submitted
  • The state championship trophies have been raised.
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  • One Good Bounce

  • 02/17/2021, 2:15pm CST , By Dan Bauer, Submitted
  • Have you ever been that close to a lifelong dream, so close you could literally taste it?
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  • In Search of Unicorns

  • 12/28/2020, 7:30pm CST , By Dan Bauer, Submitted
  • A player electing to leave high school early to pursue other opportunities is a difficult scenario played out all too often today.
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  • On my radar

  • 10/14/2019, 7:45pm CDT , By Dan Bauer
  • Has Title IX created equity in sports?
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